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It is easy to let ourselves be affected by the fast pace, the complexity and the mad rush of 21st-century living and working. It can be difficult to know how to change this and how to slow down. THINK LESS, BE MORE is a powerful guide to finding more happiness and contentment, despite the challenges, difficulties and often unrealistic expectations we are confronted with in our daily lives, be it at work, at home or somewhere in between.

The message in the book is simple, mindful and compelling: Think less, think differently and distance yourself from the merry-go-round of your own mind! That nagging voice in your head does not need to control you. Worry-thinking, feelings of anxiety, frustration or anger do not need to be your constant companion. Only when your mind is calm and clear can you feel truly alive and be who you truly are.

Written unlike any other book about how stress can affect our health and well-being, THINK LESS, BE MORE offers insightful strategies on how we can help ourselves - and others - become free from the limitations and negative influence of our own thinking. It also contains real-life stories and an Eight-Week ‘Mental Detox’ program, based on sound principles of cognitive behaviour, used by teachers of mindfulness and therapists.

Informative, engaging and inspirational, Christine Maingard takes the reader on a journey towards a more mindful life. This book can change your life in a most profound and joyful way.